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As one of the few California High School buildings left untouched during the last bond measure, the science building is due for a freshening-up. Improvements to the classrooms, including technology, storage, finishes, and equipment, is planned. Also planned is a renovation of the teacher prep rooms for more efficient use of space for storage, lab preparation, and collaboration. Construction is planned for summers 2016 and 2017.
Timelines and Updates

Timelines and Updates

August-September 2017
Improvements were completed by the start of school. Minor punchlist items are ongoing.
July 2017
Construction began as soon as students and staff left campus. Project is expected to be completed by the start of school in August.

June 2017
Phase 2 – Construction is scheduled to start on June 5, 2017 and tentatively scheduled to be completed by July 31, 2017. This will include: new floors, paint, and lighting.


April-May 2017
Phase 2 out to bid. Construction anticipated to start in late spring and to be completed in summer 2017.


November-December 2016
Phase 1 (prep rooms only) was completed in September 2016. Punch list walk scheduled for November 2016. Phase 2 (classrooms and restroom upgrades) to be bid in January 2017. Phase 2 anticipated construction summer 2017.


August 2016
Whiteboard installation and sink replacements complete. Modernization of prep-rooms anticipated completion early September. Phase 2 (classrooms) will include new floors, paint, and lighting. Phase 2 anticipated construction summer 2017.


May/June 2016
Estimated completion date of Phase 2 for summer 2017. Phase 1 (fall 2016) will include vertical whiteboards and sink replacements.


February 2015
Construction tentatively scheduled for summer 2016.


February 2014
Staff is preparing a Request for Proposal for architectural services for the upcoming science modernization.

California High School Science Modernization
Completion Date: Fall 2017
Estimated Cost: $4,242,200
Project Manager: Erin Hirst