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July 2018
This summer Rancho Romero underwent a significant amount of work. The classroom window walls have all been replaced with wood framed walls and matching siding. Included in the walls are windows and doors.  New HVAC units along with energy management controls have been installed.  The site received a significant amount of concrete and asphalt replacement along with ADA parking and path of travel upgrades.  Exterior lighting is being replaced with LED lights that also have emergency lighting features for when the power goes out.  Fire alarm upgrades are also included in this phase.  Next summer will include new classroom doors, carpeting, data and paint.
Summer 2019
New IDF enclosures
· New HVAC units in IDF enclosures
· Data upgrades
· Fire alarm upgrades
· Isolated abatement
· New flooring in rooms not previously replaced
· New door hardware
· Interior paint
· New HVAC system in kitchen
· Replace existing glass wall and sliding doors in library with framed opening with new windows and door
· New HVAC split system in admin IDF room
· Upgrade existing sun shades in classroom buildings