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In 1999 the State of California passed Assembly Bill 300 which required a survey of the State’s files on all school buildings. Buildings shown to be of certain construction types were deemed a possible risk in a seismic event and were recommended for evaluation by a Structural Engineer. The voluntary seismic work was completed during the summer of 2015.
Timelines and Updates

Timelines and Updates

August 2015: Project completed.

February/March 2015: RFPs due March 2015.


February 2014: Project is in preliminary design.


December 2014: Project is at DSA for approval and anticipated approval is early 2015.

Walt Disney Elementary Seismic Upgrades
Construction Start Date: June 2015
Completion Date: August 2015
Architect: Hamilton + Aitken Architects
Contractor: W. A. Thomas Company Inc.
Estimated Cost: $1,560,642
Project Manager:
Ernesto Ramirez: