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Contact Us by District Department


San Ramon Valley Unified School District

699 Old Orchard Drive

Danville, CA  94526

tel:  (925) 552-5500

fax: (925) 552-5037


For all general questions and inquiries, please contact the District Office Assistant at 925-552-5500
To "Contact Us" by department, call these phone numbers or click on the person's name to send an e-mail.




District Office Assistant 925-552-5500 Robyn Mcnaughton
Accounting Manager 925-552-2946 Julie Harris
Accounts Receivable 925-552-2903 Cindy Lodge
Accounts Payable (A-M) 925-552-5075 Nicole Stefani
Accounts Payable (N-Z) 925-552-2991 Anna Lee
Alternative Education 925-552-5032 Tami Castelluccio
Athletic Eligibility and NCS Info 925-552-5052 Helen Burrows
Attendance 925-552-2901 Julie Stuhlmacher
Be a Mentor (Volunteers) 925-552-2949 Tami Castellucio
Benefits 925-552-2913 Shannelle Sherrod
Board Agenda Items 925-552-2933 Cindy Fischer
Budget (General Information) 925-552-2906  /   925-552-2944 Julie Bollenbach / Emily Chang
Business 925-552-2905 Sandra Corsetti 
Child Nutrition/Food Service 925-824-1806 Zetta Reicker
Communications & Community Relations 925-552-2945 Ilana Israel Samuels
Computer Integration (classroom) 925-824-1843  
Computer Support (District employees only) 925-824-1840 Help Desk
Counseling 925-552-5052 Helen Burrows
Curriculum 925-552-2916 Debra Petish
Custodial Services 925-824-1819 Isma'il al-Shabazz
Discipline (Suspensions & Expulsions) 925-552-5052 Helen Burrows
Duplicating/Print Shop 925-824-1810 Kyle Harvin
Educational Services 925-552-2914 Debbie Gluchowski
Employee ID Badges 925-552-5500 Robyn Mcnaughton
English Learner Support Services 925-552-5050 Deanna Zappia Cabral
Enrollment 925-552-5042 Sandy Cattarusa
Facilities Use/Rentals 925-552-2905 Erin Hirst
Flyer Approval (Peachjar) 925-552-5007 Email
Gifted and Talented Testing (GATE/ATP) 925-552-2967 Assessment Main Line
Gifted and Talented Program (GATE) 925-552-5032 Tiffany Marquez
Graduation/Promotion 925-552-2949 Tami Castelluccio
Health Education/Health Educators 925-552-5052 Helen Burrows
Home and Hospital Teaching 925-552-5052 Helen Burrows
Human Resources 925-552-2923 Adrienne Herrera
Human Resources/Certificated 925-552-5051   /   925-552-2928 Martha Drury / Yesenia Adame
Human Resources/Classified 925-552-2953 Kim Wolkenmuth
Independent Study/Home Schooling 925-552-5032 Jon Campopiano
Infinite Campus 925-824-1856 Ken Bazan
Instructional Materials (K-12) 925-552-2916 Gabriela McVay
Keys 925-824-0267  na
Mail Room 925-824-1877  na
Maintenance and Operations 925-824-0267 Abdul Mixon
Networks 925-824-1840 Help Desk
Payroll - Certificated    
Elementary Schools     Last Name  A - G 925-552-2911 Mamatha Dachapalli
Elementary Schools     Last Name  H - N 925-552-2947 Danielle Day
Elementary Schools     Last Name  O - Z 925-552-2958 Karyn Hill
High Schools and Middle Schools/Substitutes 925-552-2912 Kristi Carmichael
Payroll - Classified    
Permanent and Substitute                          Last Name  A - G 925-552-2911 Mamatha Dachapalli
Permanent and Substitute/Bus Drivers      Last Name  H - N 925-552-2947 Danielle Day
Permanent and Substitute                          Last Name  O - Z 925-552-2958 Karyn Hill
Walk-on Coaches/Lifeguards/Professional Experts 925-552-2907 Brenda Uranga
Payroll - Benefits Deductions 925-552-2907 Brenda Uranga
Phones 925-824-1878 Andy Bonner
Policies and Procedures 925-552-2933 Cindy Fischer
Purchasing 925-824-1834 Email
QSS 925-824-1856 Ken Bazan / Julie Goto
Questions regarding schools 925-552-5071 Educational Services
Resident School Identification (website, under Schools)  na Locate my school
ROP (Regional Occupational Program) 925-552-5008 Jessica Coulson
Risk Management 925-552-2905 Sandra Corsetti
Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Program 925-552-5030 Helen Burrows 
Safety Environmental Health 925-824-0267  na
San Ramon Valley Education Foundation (SRVEF) 925-552-2908  Ilana Israel Samuels
Software (for classrooms) 925-552-5027  na
Schoology 925-824-1856 Ken Bazan
Special Education/Special Programs 925-552-2988 Jenny Olden
SRVTIP (Teacher Induction Program) [Formerly BTSA] 925-552-2948 Nicole Padoan
Staff Development 925-552-2916 Debra Petish
Student Records 925-552-5042 Sandy Cattarusa
Substitutes/Certificated 925-552-2931 Monica Rosas
Summer School 925-552-5032 Annabel Hurlburt
Superintendent's Office 925-552-5500 Cindy Fischer
Technology 925-552-2951 Kelly Hilton / Tressa Herley
Technology Help Desk (for District employees only) 925-824-1840 Help Desk
Testing (Assessment, Research & Evaluation) 925-552-2967 Assessment Main Line
Textbooks (see Instructional Materials) na na
Transfers and Diversions 925-552-5076 Sandy Cattarusa
Transportation 925-824-1824 Matt Sanchez
Verifications for Mortgages/Loans email only
Warehouse 925-824-0274 Darryl Corzine
Work Permits (for students) 925-552-5052 Helen Burrows