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Employee Self-Service (ESS)


SRVUSD is excited about our new on-line system, Employee Self Service (ESS), that will allow employees to access information whenever and wherever they need it.  if you have shared your network/email password, or if you are concerned about your password security, please go to the district Password Reset Site to reset your district network/email password. Please note this change also resets your district Google account.
Your user account for ESS is linked to our district's Active Directory, and your username and password will be the same as your login to the network and email.  We rely on you to maintain system security by keeping your password confidential. Your network password is a means to authenticate your identity as an authorized SRVUSD user and to prevent misuse by unauthorized users.


Employee Question:Answer:
Can I use my personal email account?
No, you can only use your district email account.
Where do I find my Employee ID?
Your EID is found in the company field in the global address list. You can also ask your office manager.
How do I access my 'Leave' tab?
The 'Leave' tab can be found under 'My Info.'
Do I log in under user type 'Staff' or 'Domain'?
How do I change my leave request?
If the leave request is in 'submitted' status, the employee can make a change to the request. If the leave request is in 'approved' status, contact the HR department.
I forgot my password.
How may Personal Necessity Leave* be used? 
*Up to 7 days of absence chargeable to accumulated sick leave.
  • Death of an immediate family member
  • Accident or illness involving employee's person or property (or that of immediate family)
  • Appearance in any court
  • Paternity Leave (at the time of birth or immediately after)
  • Adoption of a child (or immediately after the time of placement)
  • Leave to attend a funeral (granted by the Superintendent or his/her designee)
  • Observance of certain religious holidays that require total abstinence from work.
If you have any questions about particular leave type or any other concerns, please contact your appropriate HR Personnel