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Grade Reform Committee

If you are interested in joining the 23-24 Grade Reform Committee, please email Tami Castelluccio

Steering Committee Logo

In 2019, the District created a committee to improve the ways in which grading and assessment affects students at the Secondary level within the SRVUSD.  The goal of this group was to examine, create and implement grading practices in order to make them more accurate, meaningful, equitable and learning-focused over a multi-year period.  During the committee’s work in the 2019-2020 school year, the committee adopted the following Mission Statement to reflect its work: 
Assessment in the SRVUSD is a tool to provide consistent, meaningful, and accurate feedback that reflects progress towards mastery of specific and required standards to inform students, parents, and teachers about student learning.
The committee will continue to meet and work together as part of the District’s strategic plan work in “Deep Learning and Innovation.” This Grading Reform Committee has consisted of over 50 representatives of all partner groups, including parents, students, counselors, administrators, as well as middle and high school teachers. 
Christopher George

Christopher George, Director Educational Services