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San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD) is one of the highest performing school districts in the nation, with more National Blue Ribbon schools this past year than any other district in the State or nation. 
Fact: Our local schools are supported by $6.8 million annually from an existing voter-approved local parcel tax measure that is set to expire in 2025.
Fact: The annual revenue from this measure allows SRVUSD to fund 56 teaching positions. 
Fact: In the next two years, $6 million in one-time State-funding for SRVUSD will expire. This funding supports programs that ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed academically.
The Board of Trustees of SRVUSD has placed Measure E and F on the May 7th ballot for voter consideration. 
Local Funding Renewal "Measure E" will:

  • Attract and retain highly qualified teachers
  • Support academic programs in science, technology, engineering, arts, math, reading and writing
  • Prepare students for college and careers
  • Maintain Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs
  • Renew at the current $144 per parcel per year rate, annually adjusted, with a senior citizen exemption
 Supplemental Parcel Tax "Measure F" will:
  • Address loss of additional state funding
  • Support programs in reading and literacy for the youngest learners
  • Provide support for students struggling to succeed academically
  • Address student mental health needs
  • Attract and retain qualified teachers to support students with special needs
  • Provide supplemental funding at a rate of $98 per parcel per year, with a senior citizen exemption

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to protect high-quality education in our local schools.
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