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Kindergarten lotteries are held at schools when the number of students enrolling exceeds the available space. Current TK Students advancing to Kindergarten shall be given first priority status to attend their resident school.  The application of a kindergartner shall be given priority status if there is a sibling currently attending that school, and will be attending that same school in the new student's enrolling year. (Although we attempt to keep TK students in their resident school, sibling priority at the TK level is not applicable.)  Priority will be established by lottery among those completing the enrollment process during the specified time period. The lottery process will be held according to district-established procedures, in a public forum, the time and place publicized at least one week in advance. Parents do not need to be present for the lottery and will be notified of the lottery results.
My child’s on the wait list, now what?
We understand you may have many questions regarding what happens next after participating in the kindergarten lottery. In an effort to help you through this process, please review the information listed below to clarify any questions or concerns you may have.
Can I choose where my child will be diverted?
Students are diverted to the closest SRVUSD school with available space. Parents may notify their resident school office if they have a preference of diversion schools. Consideration will be based on space availability. An open enrollment transfer request  does not need to be completed.
There are a variety of factors that can generate movement on the list of kindergarten students which will enable the resident school to call back the next student on the wait list.
  • Each year, a number of current kindergarten students are considered for retention. If a decision is made to advance one of these children to first grade, they will be able to call back the next student on the kindergarten lottery wait list. Most of these decisions are made in late spring, however a few may not be finalized until August after students have attended summer school.
  • If you have enrolled your student in kindergarten, but the student will not attend SRVUSD kindergarten in the fall, please notify your resident school site as soon as possible. The next student on the kindergarten lottery wait list will be called back.
When possible, the school will notify families in late spring of their diversion school for the following year. Any families that were not notified in spring will receive the diversion school information in Augustno later than the week before school starts.
What will happen to those still on the wait list when school begins in August?
If you were not notified of your diversion school in the spring, students that are still on the wait list when the school year is about to begin will be accommodated at another site within the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. School office personnel will contact you with that information within the week prior to the start of school.
What if I no longer need a spot for kindergarten?
Please notify the school office by phone or by email to the school office manager if you decide to attend private school OR wait another year for your child to start kindergarten OR if you move out of the area.
How will I be kept informed?
If a kindergarten spot opens up on the wait list and your child is at the top of the list the office will contact you and offer you the spot.
What if I have more questions?
If you have additional questions, please contact your school office manager via email or telephone.
Sandy Cattarusa
Sandy Cattarusa, Enrollment Coordinator
Helen Burrows 925-552-5052 Department Secretary