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Gate by Grade Level
In the SRVUSD, grades 3-5 students in GATE are grouped together by forming clusters within the heterogeneous class. 
At the middle school level, students in GATE are clustered within core subject classes in grades 6-8. In math, students are placed in heterogeneous classrooms. Find more information on the middle school math program.
At the high school level, all students (those in GATE or not) have the opportunity to be admitted into Honors and Advanced Placement classes.  The visual and performing arts classes base entrance into advanced classes on auditions.
GATE Task Force
In the 2018-19 school year, we formed a GATE Task Force with three goals in mind: learn from research and best practices, evaluate our current programs, and make recommendations.  In 2021-22 the GATE Task Force subcommittee will continue the work to make recommendations that best meet the needs of our students.


New Students in Grades 3-8 Previously Identified as Gifted in Former District: Previously identified gifted students who enter SRVUSD are considered for GATE identification as determined by the SRVUSD's GATE identification criteria. Parents should provide their student’s GATE identification paperwork to their school office. The paperwork needs to include: 1. document that certifies that the student was in a gifted program, and 2. name of assessment measure(s) and student’s scores used to qualify the student for GATE. Please contact Tiffany Marquez if you have questions.
Katie Witt
Katie Witt, Executive Director, Elementary Education
Tiffany Marquez 925-552-5032 Administrative Secretary
Technical Analyst:  Ramaa Ravi 925-552-5031