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Special Education Classrooms

Special Education Classrooms

San Ramon Valley Unified School District’s  Preschool Special Day Classes are designed to target children’s individual needs and goals in a language-rich environment.  In these classrooms, language is modeled and supported by specialists who receive ongoing training and understand that language is the foundation of all learning.
The curriculum of the classes is built around the California Preschool Learning Foundations and Framework, in conjunction with each child’s IEP goals. It may encompass the following areas of development:
  • Physical Development
    • Gross
    • Fine Motor
    • Health
  • Cognitive
    • Language Development
    • Readiness
    • Pre-Academics
  • Social Emotional Development
    • Learner Behaviors
    • Social Interactions/Relationships
    • Self-Regulation
    • Play
The San Ramon Valley Unified School District serves preschool children aged 3-5 years who have been identified as a student with a disability and who have qualified for an Individualized Education Program (IEP).
Either a parent of a child or a public agency may initiate a request for an initial evaluation to determine if a child has a disability.
SRVUSD Preschool - Special Education Assessment and Services

SRVUSD Preschool - Special Education Assessment and Services

All new students enrolling to be assessed or to participate in our special education infant & preschool programs must first complete the online enrollment process. Once the online enrollment process is completed you will receive an automatic email from SRVUSD with a six (6) digit confirmation number. Please contact Tamara Weatherton at
and provide your confirmation number. 
Note:  (Please use Firefox or Chrome browser, please do not use Internet Explorer browser or smartphones.)  The online application cannot be completed via a smartphone.  
To help you locate your student's home school please use the School Site Locator
Your enrollment is not complete until a Special Education Department staff member has reviewed your application and confirmed completion. All documents, aside from the New Parent Questionnaire, are uploaded into your online enrollment application. Your enrollment package consists of the following documents: 
  • Any form(s) you may have completed during the enrollment process
Incomplete enrollment packages will delay the assessment process.
Assessment – Eligibility – Services
Through the assessment process, students who meet eligibility criteria are offered Special Education services to support student’s individual needs.
Speech - Language Services Only
  • Therapeutic support to enhance all areas of communication, including receptive, expressive and pragmatic language as well articulation (speech sound) development.
  • Students who receive Speech and Language support may be eligible to receive other related services if they are deemed necessary to make progress on speech-language goals.
  • Related services may include occupational therapy, physical therapy, or other services a child may require to benefit from Special Education.
Special Day Class (SDC) Related Services
  • Eligible students who are enrolled in a Special Day Class (SDC), may be provided with related services within the classroom setting and/or a separate classroom.
San Ramon Valley Unified School District offers SDC classrooms with varying levels of support. SDC classrooms are designated as Mild, Moderate and/or Intensive.
3-Day Preschool Program
  • Mild Supports: For children who currently participate in a general education environment, but require Special Education support.
  • Related services are embedded as part of the classroom program. District personnel will consult with family and community preschool programs to ensure student’s success in a general education program.
5-Day Preschool Program  
  • Mild Supports: For children who require direct intervention and related services.
  • Moderate Supports: For children who require direct intervention and a higher adult ratio in order to be successful with direct intensive related services.
  • Intensive Supports: 2:1 student to adult ratio and continuous related services.
Applied Behavior Analysis Program
The Center for the Early Intervention of
Autism (CEIA) is a program designed for preschoolers with intensive needs that utilizes the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to increase a child’s repertoire of early learner behaviors, social, language and communication skills.
The lack of early learner behaviors can impact a child’s ability to make progress on their IEP goals. The goal of CEIA is to build component skills that allow each child to access their preschool curriculum and to address behaviors of concern that may be limiting their access to a less restrictive classroom environment.
CEIA Program
Students work on a curriculum of early learner skills including attending, imitation, receptive language, expressive language, social skills, self-help skills (e.g., toileting, eating), and pre-academic skills
CEIA Staff
All students at CEIA work with specially trained staff called Autism Specialist Paraeducators (ASPs).  ASPs participate in monthly advanced trainings on topics including motivation, verbal behavior, visual supports, data collection and interpretation, communication, and sensory strategies.  The implementation of specifically designed curriculum and teaching strategies for each child will be developed by a District Behavior Analyst and monitored by a Lead Behavior Specialist Paraeducator.
Behavior Analyst: Jason Jennings