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The total number of credits required for high school graduation has been reduced from 240 to 220 by reducing the elective requirement by 20 credits.  See graduation requirements below. The 220 credit is the minimum number a student must take in order to graduate.
Students may choose to take 5, 6 or 7 on-campus courses in high school.
Note: Students participating in Independent Study PE, Internships, or Work Experience must be enrolled in at least five classes at their school, with Independent Study PE, Internship or Work Experience as their sixth class.
  • History/Social Sciences 35 Credits  
    • World Geography  
    • World History  
    • US History  
    • American Government  
    • Economics​​​​​​​
  • English 40 Credits
  • Mathematics 20 Credits  
    • Minimum requirement-must complete Algebra 1 (or equivalent course from outside the District such as Integrated Math 1)
  • Science 20 Credits  
    • 10 credits of Life Science  
    • 10 credits of Physical Science
  • World Languages/Visual & Performing Arts/Career Tech & Applied Art   20 Credits  
    • 10 credits in TWO of the above THREE areas
  • Physical Education 20 Credits  
    • All 9th graders must participate in P.E. for 10 credits and complete the Fitnessgram testing
    • Remaining 10 credits can be obtained in 10-12th grades
  • Health 5 Credits
  • Additional credits 60 Credits