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11th and 12th grade students may seek an internship working with a business or organization within the community and earn high school elective credit that may be used toward graduation. Participating in an internship program is a demanding experience requiring analytical skills and mature judgment, the ability to function independently, written and oral communication skills, understanding of complex management elements, and comprehension of new knowledge. The internship agreement shall last for the entire school year and students must understand that the commitment may necessitate longer hours than a student would ordinarily spend in the classroom. In addition:
  • The Internship will be part of the student’s schedule. Student must be scheduled in a minimum of 5 SRVUSD courses in addition to an Internship.
  • Student has the ability to earn 5 credits per semester if internship agreement is followed successfully.
  • Internship application must be completed, signed, and turned in to your school counselor at your high school in order to be considered for the following school year.  Internship applications will be available after spring break. Please speak with your counselor for further information regarding deadlines and the application process. 
  • Internship coordinator has the right to deny/approve internship applications. Student must work with counselor on alternative course options if internship application is not approved.
In lieu of students acquiring their own internship, students can also register for the iQuest course, which is offered at each of the comprehensive high schools.  The iQuest course provides students the opportunity to work closely with a teacher and meet regularly as a class to develop an internship or self-study that connects to their individual needs and interests.