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  • Advancement (to get into a higher level course in the following academic year)
  • Enrichment (for personal interest; taking this course does not impact student's schedule for next year)
  • Graduation Requirement Fulfillment (to replace taking a graduation requirement during the school year)
    • Effective January 1, 2020, students may  not use an online PE class to satisfy SRVUSD graduation requirements. 
      If there is any question as to whether or not a particular course that you are interested in taking is okay to use for high school credit, be sure to check with your counselor.
      Remediation (to earn a higher grade for a course in which a D or F was originally earned)
  • It is the responsibility of the student/family to ensure that the NDC/institution meets the following criteria:
    • WASC/ASC accredited
    • UC/CSU approved
    • The institution provides a letter grade and academic credits for the course
    • The institution provides an official transcript ("official academic record" or "official grade report" is not sufficient)
  • Students wishing to remediate a grade of D or F may do so by enrolling in an equivalent NDC for high school credit. Both the original (SRVUSD) grade, as well as the remediated (NDC) grade, will appear on the SRVUSD transcript.
  • Courses specifically designated as Credit Recovery will not be accepted. (Credit Recovery courses do not cover all standards)  Students must complete the full semester or year long course..
  • Upon completion of the NDC, an official transcript showing course completion must be submitted to the Registrar at the student's high school. Transcripts must be sent directly from the institution via mail, email or fax to the student's high school. Alternatively, students may hand-carry an official (sealed) transcript to the main office at their high school. Students who would like the NDC posted to their high school transcript must also submit an "Application to Place Non-District Coursework on the SRVUSD Transcript" form before the SRVUSD term deadline.  Some schools have a site specific form.  See contact information for site Registrars below.
  • During the academic year, students must be enrolled in a minimum of five classes at their SRVUSD high school. A NDC can be taken as a sixth or seventh course.
  • Students are able to put up to 40 credits of non-SRVUSD coursework on their their high school transcript, but are limited to 20 credits per academic year, and 20 credits in any given subject area.
  • Post-secondary courses of 1-2 credits will earn five credits on the SRVUSD transcript; post-secondary courses of 3+ credits will earn ten credits on the SRVUSD transcript.
  • Submit documents to your school Registrar:
           California High - Vinita Battu, (fax: 925-828-1054)                             
           Dougherty Valley High - Brisa Jimenez, (fax: 925-479-6486)  
           Monte Vista High - Sarah Sirota, 
           San Ramon Valley High - Kathleen O'Grady, (fax: 925-838-7802)
           Venture Independent Study - Kelly Estes, 


Click on the button below to submit your form, stating your intent to take a Non-District Course for Advancement, Enrichment, Graduation Requirement Fulfillment, Remediation. 
Once a course is complete, students must request that it be added to their transcript via the application below.
ADDING A NON-DISTRICT COURSE TO A SRVUSD TRANSCRIPT - Transcripts for courses taken outside of SRVUSD to be placed onto the student's SRVUSD transcript are due to the student's high school counseling office as follows:
For 2023-2024
  • By Friday, May 17, 2024 - for students wishing to put a Spring, 2024 NDC onto their SRVUSD transcript.  For community college courses whose term end later in May, the deadline is extended to May 31, 2024(applies to 9th-11th grade students only)
  • Please complete the form in the link above and attach it to your transcript.
For 2024-2025
  • For current eighth grade students wishing to put a NDC on their high school transcript, the course must have been completed after June 5, 2024
  • By Friday, August 16, 2024 - for students wishing to use a NDC for advancement purposes. Please plan for shipping time: all transcripts should be ordered from the outside institution by August 9, 2024 to ensure delivery by this deadline.
  • By Tuesday, September 6, 2024 - for students wishing to put a Summer, 2024 NDC onto their SRVUSD transcript
  • By Friday, January 17, 2025 - for students wishing to put a Fall, 2024 NDC onto their SRVUSD transcript
  • Please complete the form in the link above and attach it to your transcript.


Please note the Sample of Approved Outside Institutions for Non-District Courses (link below) is NOT a complete list. SRVUSD maintains data of students who have taken courses outside of our district and the following is a list of the most commonly used institutions. If you do not find your preferred institution on this list, it does not necessarily mean it is not approved.
In addition, it is the student's/parent's responsibility to verify that institutions still have the necessary accreditation and that courses are still UC approved by visiting the proper links prior to enrolling in a course. (Accreditation and UC approval can change from year to year.)
**Please note:  UC Scout is approved for the UC system; however, it may not be accepted by private California colleges and out of state universities.  Please verify with each college on the student's application list to ensure they will get credit for entrance requirements.
This list is NOT a complete list of courses that can be taken and may not include the most up-to-date approved courses.  Institutions are submitting approvals for courses regularly; therefore, it would be impossible to compile a list that would include every course that could be taken. If there is a course that you would like to take but it is not listed, then make sure:
  • The Institution is WASC accredited or regionally accredited and offer coursework that leads to a high school diploma
    • Institutions that have only Supplemental accreditation do not qualify (i.e. Art of Problem Solving, John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, Language Bird, etc.)
  • The course is UC Approved 
  • The Institution issues letter grades
  • The Institution issues official transcript
If the course does not meet even one of the above criteria, then it cannot be used. 


SRVUSD will provide credit towards graduation for completion of accredited online courses, off-campus courses and college courses. A total of 40 credits from non-district courses can be included on the official SRVUSD transcript.
  • Students are able to put up to 40 credits of non-SRVUSD coursework on their high school transcript  but are limited to 20 credits per academic year, and 20 credits in any given subject area.
    • Heritage language school credits are not included in the 40-credit total.
    • Courses taken at SRVUSD Summer School for remediation, high school graduation requirement completion, or summer advancement are not included in the 40-credit total.
    • A 1 to 2 credit college course is the equivalent to 5 SRVUSD credits.  A 3 credit course (or higher) is the equivalent to 10 SRVUSD credits.
  • Students will have several opportunities to submit coursework for credit to be placed on the SRVUSD transcript. Deadlines will be updated each school year and posted on the district website.
  • Once a non-SRVUSD course has been placed onto a student’s official SRVUSD transcript, it cannot be removed.
  • A student taking a graduation requirement outside of SRVUSD (e.g. Algebra I) must place that grade on the transcript.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/student to determine if the non-District course is accepted by the UC/CSU system, private colleges and universities, out-of-state institutions, or NCAA as fulfilling entrance requirements. It is the responsibility of the parent/student to check with an admissions officer from each campus to which you intend to apply.
  • Courses taken through providers that are WASC-accredited as Supplementary Ed will not be accepted for credit.
  • SRVUSD will not proctor outside exams.


  • Eighth grade students are welcome to start (and complete) a course for advancement in the spring; however, it will not be put on the student’s high school transcript for credit (a note will be made in the comments section: “math course taken for advancement”, if applicable)
  • If current eighth grade students wish for a summer course to be put on their high school transcript, they must complete the course after they promote from middle school, in the summer after eighth grade.
  • Algebra 1 is a graduation requirement, so it must be completed AFTER promotion from 8th grade.  


According to School Board Policy:
(1) Grades from non-district courses will be weighted if:
(a) The equivalent course is offered and weighted in SRVUSD or
(b) A comparable course is not offered and the course being taken is transferable to the UC and/or CSU systems for college credit.